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Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns - Bad Kids Club

“Ms. Lake and her band of lowlifes and mischief makers have assembled here the latest additions to the jukebox in the Bad Kids Clubhouse, 14 songs that are anthems for reprobates, laments for the broken hearted, and odes to livin’ just a little bit dirty. All hail the Bad Kids Club! May its membership rolls be ever-growing.”
- Gabe Soria

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns - Foolers’ Gold

“For real: This record’s a songbook of anthems for the shifty and the shiftless, an invitation to have a cold drink, hit the dance floor and flat get it, fast and slow, all night long until you never knew you had any cares in the first place.”
- Gabe Soria

“Another album with a great NO Orleans feel where M. is most convincing in her own songs.”
- Platomania

“Raw and subtle at the same time: Honest music, as open as the American midwest.”
- Cavalcade