Little Big News!

Little Big Industries is proud to announce our upcoming European Tour!!


August 26-30   |   Tonderfest   |   Tonder, Denmark
Wednesday, September 2   |   De Oosterpoort @ Grand Theatre   |   Groningen, NL
Thursday, September 3-Het   |   Burgerweeshuis@De Hip   |   Deventer,NL
Friday September 4   |   Doornroosje   |   Nijmegen, NL
Saturday September 5   |   Paradiso Amsterdam@People's Place   |   Amsterdam, NL
Sunday September 6   |   Brandend Zand Festival 2015 @ De Effenaar   |   Einhoven, NL
Tuesday September 8   |   Poppodium EKKO   |   Utrrecht, NL
Wednesday September 9   |   Poppodium Niewe NOR   |   Heerlen, NL
Thursday September 10   |   Paard van Troje   |   Den Haag, NL
Friday September 11   |   Hafenklang Goldener Salon   |   Hamburg, Germany

The fun is not over there! Meschiya and Russell will be traveling to the Berlin area for the most elite event in the Swing Dance Community. Check it out at

Annnnd, in other news! Coming this fall! The long awaited, 3rd full length album by Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns-Bad Kids Club. We’ll keep you posted!

Keep up the good fight, Music Lovers!
- lilBIGS

Get The New Album Today!

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns - Foolers’ Gold

“For real: This record’s a songbook of anthems for the shifty and the shiftless, an invitation to have a cold drink, hit the dance floor and flat get it, fast and slow, all night long until you never knew you had any cares in the first place.”
- Gabe Soria - New Orleans, March 2013

“Another album with a great NO Orleans feel where M. is most convincing in her own songs.”
- Platomania

“Raw and subtle at the same time: Honest music, as open as the American midwest.”
- Cavalcade